21 Eye-Catching Fire Video Effects to Heat Up Your Content

Video Effects 03/07/2019 5 min read

Thinking of heating up your video content? Save the risk assessments and the cost of hiring specialists by adding fire and flame effects in post-production. The beauty of editing is the ability to add stunning effects to any shot, whether you’re filling an action film with explosions or just ramping up the intensity of your video presentations with fire effects. 

There are plenty of free 4K and HD fire effects to use, but here are 21 of our favorite motion graphics and video templates.

Part 1: Top Fire Video Effects to Download

After Effects

1. Fire Elements and Titles

These 2D fire effects would sit right at home in any anime or video game-themed videos. Dress up your scenes or simply improve your transitions and text animations. Sound effects are included in this pack for even more flexibility.

Download Fire Elements and Titles Now

2. Fire Ring

This After Effects template lets you create a ring of fire around your logo to set the tone of your video immediately. No plugins required — just boot it up and get started.

Download Fire Ring Now

3. Gold & Fire Logo

This dramatic logo reveal would be perfect for a movie or short film. Cinematic, stylish, and easily editable text.

Download Gold & Fire Logo Now

4. Neo Cinematic Fire Opener

A logo reveal not for the faint of heart. This is an explosive animation that isn’t light on the particle effects. Change the logo to whatever you like and add some high-quality sound effects to make this an epic opening to any of your videos.

Download Neo Cinematic Fire Opener Now

5. Impossible Opener

The creeping burn effect in this After Effects template is an awesome way to heat up your showreel. The customizable flames, complete with sparks and a fiery glow, make transitions that would fit right at home in any fast-paced video.

Download Impossible Opener Now

6. Trailer Titles

Let’s face it — you can’t make a cinematic movie trailer without dramatic fire effects bringing your text to life. Give your projects a truly blockbuster feel with this explosive After Effects template.

Download Trailer Titles Now

Premiere Pro

7. Furious Fire Logo

This inferno of a logo reveal can be created directly in Premiere Pro without the need for any other software or plugins. Fire, lens flares, and sparks all come together to make a stunning opening for a video channel or branded film.

Download Furious Fire Logo Now

8. Logo | Darkness

Subtle movement through the stars intercut with fiery flashes makes this an exciting, dynamic opening to your presentations of corporate videos. Edit the text layer to create something that fits your project.

Download Logo | Darkness Now

Final Cut Pro

9. Cartoon Fire Elements

The quirky, stylish fire effects in this Final Cut Pro template are perfect for when you’re looking for a retro vibe for your projects. Hand-drawn, frame by frame animation gives it an old school feel, and each one comes with its own sound design.

Download Cartoon Fire Elements Now

Motion Graphics

10. Fire Effect Overlay

If you’re looking for something to enhance the background of a static shot, try exploring this fire effect overlay. Drop the clip over any footage using Add or Screen blending mode and reposition it to add a crackling fireball to your film.

Download Fire Effect Overlay Now

11. Big Fire Effect Overlay

Working with motion graphics gives you a wealth of opportunities you wouldn’t necessarily get access to in production. Avoid the expense and insurance claims of working with fire by adding this streak of flames as a video overlay. Perfect for action scenes. 

Download Big Fire Effect Overlay Now

12. Looped Transparent Fire Effect

This stylish ball of fiery smoke is loopable, and the transparent background lets you overlay it onto any footage you like. Alternatively, use it as a base layer for a fire scene and combine other effects to build it up.

Download Looped Transparent Fire Effect Now

13. Fire Pack

There are 14 epic fire effects available in this pack, all against a transparent background for you to drag and drop wherever you like in your footage. A variety of resolutions, sizes, and style of flames make this a valuable asset for any of your film productions.

Download Fire Pack Now

14. 2D FX Fire Elements

Looking for a set of stylishly animated, hand-drawn fire effects complete with sound design? Look no further. There is plenty here to choose from, whether you’re animating a cartoon or looking for a cool transition for your text.

Download 2D FX Fire Elements Now

15. Fire Teleport Effect

Add some magic to your short films with this teleportation effect, complete with smoke, fire, and lightning. Overlay the ProRes motion graphics clip on existing footage in your editing software to create a complete effect.

Download Fire Teleport Effect Now

16. Flames Explosion

Here’s something a bit more traditional: a fiery explosion straight out of any action film. Composite this motion graphic stock video clip into any of your footage to create an instant smoky fireball, thanks to the alpha channel and clean outline.

Download Flames Explosion Now

17. Fire Transitions Pack

Move quickly from one scene to the next with these full-screen realistic fire effects. Perfect for fast-paced, exciting content like sports and martial arts videos, an alpha channel on each of these seven different styles makes this highly customizable.

Download Fire Transitions Pack Now

18. Firestorm Texture

Simple yet effective, this loopable texture of rising sparks works well as the foundation for a larger fire effect, or simply as a dramatic border for animated text. Whatever suits your project.

Download Firestorm Texture Now

19. Fire Ceiling

Thick sheets of flame rumble slowly across the screen in this powerful motion graphic video. Use it as a standalone effect or combine it with sparks and smoke effects to create a terrifying natural phenomenon.

Download Fire Ceiling Now

20. Fire and Stone Cinematic Background

This seamlessly looping video of flames springing up the wall of a stone cave is dripping with atmosphere. The central space in the frame is ideal for placing animating text for a trailer or promo video.

Download Fire and Stone Cinematic Background Now

21. Fire Burst

The spiraling flame effect in this abstract design would sit at home in any promo video or presentation. Combine it with smoke and spark effects to create something even more dramatic.

Download Fire Burst Now

Part 2: Tips to Make the Most of Your Fire Effects

So you’ve had a good look at the fire effects available in Motion Array’s library. What do you need to consider when incorporating them into your projects?

1. Understand the Purpose

What exactly are you using the effect for? Whether you’re building special effects into your short film about emergency services or a stylish transition for the text in your presentation, the intention will determine the kind of template you work with. Find the effect that fits the best with your project. 

2. Don’t Limit Yourself

Don’t feel like you need to restrict yourself to only one effect. When creating fire effects, study real fires (or at least videos of real fires) for reference. There is never just one shape! Try layering effects and assets such as flames, smoke, and sparks to create a dynamic and unique fire effect in your video.

3. Experiment with Blending Modes

When working with motion graphic stock videos with an alpha channel, experiment with blending modes to create different results. Switch between Screen, Overlay, Add and plenty of others to explore the effects and find the visual that works best for you.

4. Less is More

It can be easy to get carried away and go over the top with fire effects in your videos. Try to pare down what you use so the effect you create has more of an impact. Filling the video with flames may look awesome, but it will diminish the overall emotional intention. Use effects sparingly, and when the video really calls for it.


When it comes to working with fire in your videos, the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter if you are creating an exciting transition for your text or logo, or adding some realistic-looking danger to your short film: you can find an effect for anything. Explore the fire video effects in the Motion Array library to find the perfect option for your creative project.